The Cast

  • Dan Ellis Dan Ellis

    Dan Ellis was born in Cincinnati Ohio where he studied drama at The School for the Creative and Performing Arts. By the age of 10 Dan had appeared in more than a dozen local theater productions, commercials and a young peoples special. After serving in the U.S. Navy he moved to San Francisco and picked up where he left off honing his skills doing improv, theater and independent films. In 2003 after moving to Vancouver B.C. he landed the role of "The Janitor" in Ryan Nicholson's "Gutterballs" and went on to make three other films with Vince D'Amato and Creepy six films before re-connecting with Ryan for the role of "The John" in "Hanger".

    Now Dan takes the wheel as the lead in "Bleading Lady" as "Don Cardini" a jaded teamster driver for the stars, abused by spoiled stars and arrogant students, who becomes a ticking time-bomb of revenge.

  • Sindy Faraguna Sindy Faraguna

    Sindy Faraguna was born in Nelson BC on April 14th, 1982. Her family immigrated from Croatia in the 60's. Growing up in a family of athletes, musicians and artists, entertainment came as a natural calling for her. Sindy began performing on stage at the age of 4, and never stopped. By graduation, it was time to further her acting abilities and move to Vancouver. Studying at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts, many private sessions and workshops, Sindy followed her passion for her craft and has worked on film & television since 2002. As a huge horror movie fan, she crossed paths with Ryan Nicholson through mutual friend Guy Russell owner of Grindhouse Video. Ryan was gearing up to audition for Bleading Lady and asked Sindy to audition for the lead female, Riversa Red. Sindy was the last timeslot in Vancouver to audition for the part, and landed it the very same day. This is only the beginning of seeing Sindy screaming on film, so watch out for the rise of this Canadian gem!

  • Nick Windebank Nick Windebank

    Being born in Victoria, Nick wasn't introduced to the prospect of acting as a career until grade 12. He took drama up until grade 9, but was far more dedicated to sports which ultimately lead to the dismissal of the class in grades 10 and 11. Finally in grade 12 he joined the musical production of 'The Little Shop of Horrors', in which his director and first acting mentor Collin Hedivan pushed him to pursue acting. After graduating, with the help and support of his parents Guy and Sandra Windebank, Nick moved to Vancouver to follow Hedivan's advice, and enrolled in a two year program at New Image College of Performing Arts, in which he performed in several plays including 'Cementville' and 'Nick's Place'. His latest performance came on the set of the gruesome horror film: 'Bleading Lady'.

  • Nathan Durec Nathan Durec

    Nathan found acting while attending the Univerisity of Alberta. He switched majors, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama. Along with friends from university, they began their own theatre company, with a mandate to produce new works. Since moving to Vancouver two years ago, he began film acting with New Image College of Fine Arts. Past film credits include H1Z1, Bleading Lady, and Panadonium Productions.

  • Erendira Farga Erendira Farga

    Erendira started dancing Ballet since she was 5 years old. She won several national and international competitions, dancing in important theatres all over the world like New York, La Habana, Mexico City. Since she was 5, she knew that dancing, acting and performing in front of an audience was her passion. Then came drama in high-school where she did some plays in Spanish and French and became hooked.

    When Eren turned 16, she started modeling and thanks to that she met some directors and producers and got the chance to film some TV commercials. She then realized that she wanted something more than just "dancing" and one day after watching the Oscar's said "I want to be an actress".

    But her expectations were higher than "mexican soap operas", so she started to look for schools in the United States and Canada. After looking, she decided to come to Vancouver and in 2008 and started the acting program at New Image College of Fine Arts an amazing school with amazing teachers.

    While studying at NICFA, she landed a role in the movie "Bleading Lady", it was a wonderful experience from which she learned that if you really like what you are doing the hard times don't matter. Through the school, she met agents and producers. She recently worked on a TV commercial, two music videos, a French TV show for Quebec, short films, and soon she'll be training to film my second feature film.

  • Kris Michaleski Kris Michaleski

    Kris had a blast working on Bleading Lady. It was definitely the highlight of his summer, coming to set everyday to work amongst such pleasant and professional crew and cast, he truly wishes his character could have gone on to live in a sequel.

    Kris has always had a strong enthusiasm for indulging in his imagination as a child. Drawing and make-believe, pretending gave him tremendous confidence and hope that when he ultimately performed in his first play in grade 10, The Competition Piece, he knew he had to be an actor. Nothing was so satisfying and meaningful at the same time.

    Bitten by the bug, Kris enrolled in the Professional Acting Diploma Program at New Image College of Fine Arts, followed by the Advanced Acting Diploma Program. There, he honed his craft, integrating new theories and exercises on how to analyze and interpret the logic of life and be true to a character within the circumstances of a story.

    Now graduated, Kris is still building up his acting experience, auditioning for local independent film and theatre productions. He hopes to one day land a lead role on a hit television series.

    Previous theatre credits include: Death, The Reaper Will See You Now, Frankenstein, The Greeks, Punch Drunk Love, Cementville, Nights In Hohokus, Heights, Nick's Place, Aladdin. Film credits include: The Other Side, The Rez Rats, Seeds, Stuck.

  • Mike Li Mike Li

    Mike Li hails from Hong Kong and has been auditioning for almost a year now. Having devoted his teenaged years to the rigorous study of martial arts, he didn't know he wanted to be an actor until his last year of high school. He credits New Image College for equipping him (and in such a short time) with the tools to get his first auditions, first callbacks, and first feature film in "Bleading Lady". The experience has left him strengthened and looking forward to what the future holds for him and his fellow castmates from "Bleading Lady".

  • Paige Farbacher Paige Farbacher

    Paige Farbacher has been studying theater for over 10 years. Once a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, she has now called Vancouver home for the past 4 years. Paige's career has included roles such as Caliban in The Tempest, Elsa Schraeder in The Sound of Music, and has recently performed in The Corkscrew at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. She has recently completed an intensive 2 year program at New Image College of Fine Arts where she focused the majority of her studies on acting in the film industry. She is excited to see what experiences her new career will bring. Bleading Lady is Paige's first feature length film and being part of the cast has been the highlight of her career.

  • Ady Mejia Ady Mejia

    Ady has been an aspiring actress since she was very young. The thing that triggered that aspiration, was that her aunt in Mexico had her own show. To her, seeing her on TV while watching her show with her, was simply amazing. One day she had Ady there as part of the show since she celebrated her birthday there and that's when she knew she wanted to be on camera! Sadly, where she lived, you can't choose the courses you wish to take, so never got to really start acting until she arrived to Canada in 6th grade. She remembers that not knowing the language made her a very shy girl, and quiet as well. Then, when she got to 8th grade, she had to take a semester of everthing to get to choose in the future grades. When she got to do acting, she simply didn't want to stop. It was the only class which she never wanted to get to the finish hour. Then she came to a New Image College Teen Acting class, and had an unforgettable time, and lessons as well. That's how she ended up back there after high school!

  • Gary Starkell Gary Starkell

    Gary Starkell was born February 3rd in Sydney, Australia. His life has been dedicated to the arts. He has worked as a stage hand at CBC and CTV and all of the local theaters. He also paints, tattoo's and animates. He has a 2 year diploma scholarship in professional acting, from New Image College of Fine Arts. His first acting experience was as an extra on "Men In tree's", which turned into a permanent job for the first season.

    Gary met John Tench on the set of Stargate (1) and found out the school through him. He never wanted to be an actor but once on set, with his idol's John Amos and Anne Heshe, he was hooked.

  • Joshua Garcia Joshua Garcia

    Joshua Garcia, dubbed "story-time" by former co-workers, is an actor, model and host working to achieve a positive and lasting career within the artistic community and industry of entertainment.

    Joshua was born in Victoria, BC, Canada to a family with diverse artistic backgrounds. Joshua’s father played for the Latin-rock group 'Santana' and his older sister works in the music industry in Los Angeles. Joshua honed his skills and talent while attending New Image College of Fine Arts in Vancouver and continues to challenge himself with every project. Joshua has appeared in numerous independent short and feature length films, live theatre productions and has represented world renowned brands such as BlackBerry, American Crew and Revlon Professional.

    In college Joshua utilized his approachable and improvisational personality as well as his in-tune and well versed wit as a correspondent hosting an event-based "man about town" production entitled "Josh in the Mix". Joshua’s charm and determination recently earned him a coveted position as an Athlete Marshal during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Joshua will have the honour of appearing on the field of play with the Olympic Athlete's during both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

    Joshua has experienced a full spectrum of light and dark. Through it all, he continues to excel and develop his crafts while strengthening his repertoire. Watch for this talented, focused, and ambitious young man.

  • Glenn Hoffmann Glenn Hoffmann

    Glenn has been working in the film industry since 2006 as a background performer.

    “I remember my first job on set, the film Battle in Seattle where I played one of the US delegate’s. It was very exciting” Due to Glenn’s look he quickly acquired specific background roles as a cop, thug, and body guard. Glenn was a returning Dactyl (bird man) on several episodes of FLASH GORDON. “The more specific roles I played the further my desire for becoming an actor” Through Glenn’s agency (Boss Management) he received a partial scholarship from New Image College of Fine Arts. This was the kick he needed to start a possible acting career. “Without the support of my wife Cari, I would never have been able to do this. The year went fast and I really enjoyed my time and the relationships I made in the program” Glenn completed his year program and started to audition landing a role on one episode of SMALLVILLE. Glenn is looking forward to 2010 and hopes it to be a successful year.

  • Tina Baloochestany Tina Baloochestany

    Tina always wanted to act and entertain people, as a child she used to watch TV and act out commercials and sitcoms for the family. Tina took drama in high school but didn't really pursue acting until she moved to Miami where she took some part time classes and fell in love with the art. She worked briefly with a director while living in L.A. but had trouble working because she was not a US citizen so when she moved back to Vancouver, Tina started looking into acting schools and when her modeling agent referred her to New Image. She made an appointment to meet the president Charie Van Dyke right away. Upon meeting with Charie and comparing the school to a few others in Vancouver, she knew New Image was where she belonged. In 2008, Tina received her Acting diploma and returned to NICFA for a 2nd year acting diploma. At the end of the program, she was cast in the feature film Bleading Lady and since then she has acted in several short films, a commercial and a web series. The quote by which Tina lives her life is "be the change you want to see in the world" and going forward, she plans on landing many more exciting and challenging roles as well as continuing her volunteer work with the SPCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver.

  • Chris Lomas Chris Lomas

    Chris got the acting bug in highschool. With each production it got worse. Until finally he staggered into "New Image College of Fine Arts" seeking a cure. Unfortunately, this seems to have only added fuel to the fire. Now he takes his sickness wherever he goes. Recently he was found dazed and confused on the set of "Bleading Lady".

  • Matt Janega Matt Janega

    Born in a small town in Nova Scotia, Matthew quickly became an enthusiast for film and in particular the horror genre. After obtaining an undergraduate in University, he moved to Vancouver where he attended the Film Production Program at Vancouver Film School, which eased him into the behind the scenes aspect of independent film. After co-creating and acting in a webisode based comedy series, Matthew found himself with his first professional acting opportunity in Ryan Nicholson's "Bleading Lady".

  • Ronny Monahan Ronny Monahan

    This talented actor was born in Edmonton, Alberta, where he started his pursuit of the arts. He started out his performing career on the stage, doing several different productions before he joined up with an Improv troupe. After a few years he decided to expand his palette. He started performing Stand up Comedy and was quite successful; to the point where he picked up and moved to Los Angeles to continue his comedy career and also to break into the Film and Television world. After spending a couple years in Los Angeles performing comedy, honing his Acting chops and getting not much more than small independent roles and small commercials, he decided to get a little more formal training under his belt. He came to Vancouver and right away got back into the Stand up comedy and Acting but the biggest break happened to him when he heard of a school called New Image College, where he could get excellent training and meet some important people in the industry. Through this school he managed to meet his agent, Les Blackmore with Muse Management, and also got his first few roles in films. He is still at the beginning of his career but at the rate things are starting to happen it is looking like it will be a long, productive career.

  • Rachelle George
  • Jarod Joseph Ronny Monahan

    Born in Calgary, Canada and raised primarily in Ontario. It wasn't until the summer of 2007 while working Construction in Edmonton, undecided about his post secondary future that a friend suggested he look into the world of Entertainment. After giving it much thought Jarod fell in love with the notion, carried out his research and begun taking the proper steps towards finding a way to make it a reality. Shortly after he decided to pack his things and move to the Film & Television heavy city of Vancouver, BC where he soon after enrolled in and later graduated from New Image College's professional acting program.

  • Babak Salimy
  • Rochelle Jones Rochelle Jones

    Rochelle Lynn Jones was born in Windsor Ont. Canada, March 23 1973, moving to Alberta when she was 8. Rochelle was born to be on a stage, acting in her first play at the age of 12. Going on to do many plays including The Wizard Of Oz, which was one of her favourites. Drama and Music is what she excelled in her High school years. At the age of 19 she started Burlesque Dancing full time going on to be one of Canada's Top Burlesque Entertainers, winning endless titles including 'World Exotic Dance Champion' the best you can get, and 'Miss Nude Canada' taking her Show, and Titles, on Two Across Canada, Coast to Coast Tours.

    When Returning she moves to Vancouver Canada and their she really gets the Acting bug, and starts taking Improve, voice, and Acting workshops. Not long after, Rochelle Lynn Jones enrols At New Image College of Fine Arts- Advanced Acting Program Graduating with honours.

    Booking independent feature Together We're Heavy, Hanger and "Bleading Lady".

    Rochelle Lynn Jones is currently working on her latest projects, Vocal Trance Album with girl group 'Crystal Planet' due summer 2010 and 'Stagette', due 2011, which is a Feature Film that Rochelle wrote with a Fellow Acting Graduate From New Image College of Fine Arts.

  • Paul Baynton Paul Baynton

    Paul was born 1960 in Thundersly, Essex, England. He came to Canada in 1965 with his parents and younger brother and became a Canadian Citizen in 1974.

    Growing up he loved watching movies & TV shows like many other people.

    Paul starred in his first play when he was in elementary school "A Christmas Carol". Then he did his next play in 1986 called "Demons & Angels". He decided that he wanted to get some acting training, so he went to New Image College of Fine Arts in January 2009. He has been studying acting fulltime from an amazing roster of teachers that are propelling him towards the career that he would love to work in, the career of acting. He has been in a short Film (Crash) and also auditioned for the feature film "Bleading Lady", to his pleasure he landed the part of a psycho killer. He also performed in the play "Dark Ride" and is working on a short vampire film and short zombie movie.

  • Francisco Cano Francisco Cano

    Francisco Cano is from Mexico. He moved to Vancouver in 2004. After working as a model and a backgroud actor he decided to study acting. Before he even finished his studies he landed a role for Fox Network, a movie for the week called Amber Alert. He's been in a lot of short film and recently landed a part in the horror film "Bleading Lady". He continues to train and work on projects within the movie industry.

  • Guy Russell Guy Russell

    Guy Russell was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada in 1971 and developed a love for horror films by the time he was seven which drove him to get involved in several aspects of short film productions by the age of 28. In February of 2008, Guy utilized his extensive collection of films to open up his own independent video store, Grindhouse Video. Director Ryan Nicholson had briefly crossed paths with Guy in 2005, and then again three years later. Upon searching for a few horror titles, Ryan had contacted Grindhouse Video, which it turned out sparked a friendship between two horror buffs. When asked if he would like to play a part in "Bleading Lady" as a Video Store Owner, Guy was more than happy to provide the location and help in any way he could.